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I write features for magazines, newspapers and online publications as well as copywriting and books. I try to keep a tab of it all here...

By Sandra Lawrence, Oct 10 2016 05:00AM

I was delighted to be asked to contribute a feature for a section in British Heritage Travel magazine on a place in the UK that really came alive for me when I entered it. I chose the extraordinary excavation of Shakespeare's Curtain Theatre in Shoreditch - nothing can beat looking down on 'boards' the bard himself would have trodden.

By Sandra Lawrence, Oct 7 2016 05:00AM

An absolute joy to write, my feature about thirty five years of restoration at Painshill Park Landscape garden appeared in September

By Sandra Lawrence, Sep 22 2016 05:00AM

British Heritage Travel have recently started their own travel-arm and I have accompanied a couple of the trips. In 'What Would Jane Do' I share the tour I made with a group of like-minded Austenites through the West Country.

By Sandra Lawrence, Jul 1 2016 10:00AM

London's Blue Plaques are 150 years old this year. My feature about their history and where to find some good ones appears in this month's Exclusively British, including this one, to Ian Fleming, on a very odd house indeed, in Belgravia.

By Sandra Lawrence, Jun 26 2016 07:33PM

Ed: 'Would you like to write a history of trifle?'

Me: 'Yes please.'

Well, who wouldn't. I discovered that one of the funniest jokes in a jester's armoury was 'Almain's Leap' where he'd run into a banquet and jump over the guests' heads into a bowl of custard.

I guess you had to be there.

That and other news not fit to print in this month's British Heritage magazine.

By Sandra Lawrence, Jun 26 2016 07:29PM

Publication date looms for my two children's history books, and by way of racking up the fun, their covers were made into cupcakes at the SCBWI 20th Birthday party!

By Sandra Lawrence, Jun 26 2016 07:25PM

...At History Revealed.

Questions I answer this month include "What does the D stand for in D-Day?", "How was ice cream made before refrigerators?", "What is a Royal Peculiar?" "Who was St Swithin?"and "Was anyone ever cured by the King's Touch?"

By Sandra Lawrence, Jun 10 2016 07:00AM

In yet another year of anniversaries, one of the biggest has to be the only date any schoolkid can actually remember.

I got to go to 1066 Country to write a piece for British Heritage Travel , visiting, among other wonderful places, Pevensey, Hastings, Michelham Priory and Battle...

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