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By Sandra Lawrence, Dec 11 2015 11:00AM

When was the first Christmas stamp issued and how much did Elizabeth I spend on her frocks are among the questions I answer in this month's History Revealed.

By Sandra Lawrence, Oct 28 2015 04:09PM

They'd lost their men, their homes and their nylons but heaven help Mr Hitler if he took away their looks too. My feature on cosmetics during World War II can be found in the Telegraph here.

By Sandra Lawrence, Oct 28 2015 03:30PM

Thirty-five years ago Norwich's Plantation Garden was completely overgrown - so much so that locals literally forgot it was there. Even today, after thousands of hours of restoration people still stumble upon it with surprise. Read about it in my article for The Daily Telegraph

By Sandra Lawrence, Oct 28 2015 01:15PM

Newark was at the very epicentre of the English Civil War, so it seems only fitting that the country's only museum dedicated to the conflict is housed in a historic house there. To celebrate its opening a massive re-enactment of the taking of Newark Castle shook the battlements once again. Very noisy but spectacular too. Read about it in this month's BH.

By Sandra Lawrence, Oct 27 2015 09:07AM

October 10th

A bumper-sized British Heritage Winter Special is out. Alongside my usual column, where I discuss the glittering gee-gaws of Soho's fabric stores, the wonderful Italian restaurant Villa di Geggiano, the London Review Bookshop, Barbican Centre and Greyfriars Church, I visit the reborn Dreamland funfair in Margate.

I've also created a guide to getting the most out of London in winter. Brrr.

By Sandra Lawrence, Oct 27 2015 09:01AM

October 7th

Once again a curious mix of questions answered by myself and the History Revealed team, including why people carve pumpkins at Halloween, What the pub name Pig and Whistle means and the real reason Julius Caesar wore a laurel wreath

By Sandra Lawrence, Oct 27 2015 09:00AM

October 6th

Tomorrow sees the opening, nearly 70 years after the NT acquired it, of Rainham Hall in Essex, which I cover in Londonist today. A brilliant addition to the cultural map of East London, which frankly needs it. Too many beautiful things have been lost, we need to cherish every survivor.

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