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I write features for magazines, newspapers and online publications as well as copywriting and books. I try to keep a tab of it all here...

By Sandra Lawrence, Oct 27 2015 09:01AM

October 7th

Once again a curious mix of questions answered by myself and the History Revealed team, including why people carve pumpkins at Halloween, What the pub name Pig and Whistle means and the real reason Julius Caesar wore a laurel wreath

By Sandra Lawrence, Oct 26 2015 10:38PM

May 8th

History Revealed reveals all manner of obscure stuff again this month, with Yours Truly discussing some of the oddest in the Q&A section...

By Sandra Lawrence, Oct 26 2015 10:22PM

April 2nd

Appropriate given this weekend's Easter, my history of chocolate covers four pages of History Revealed this month. They've done a great job, with loads of images, boxes and a fantastic layout. Of course the Q&A section features Yours Truly, too, including a piece on what a Negus might be...

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