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I write features for magazines, newspapers and online publications as well as copywriting and books. I try to keep a tab of it all here...

By Sandra Lawrence, Oct 27 2015 08:28AM

June 29th

The perfect bruschetta has always eluded me. However much I ask myself 'it's only tomatoes on toast; how hard can it be?' it's always been my personal bete noire. Not any more, since researching the yummiest toast recipe on earth for the Telegraph today.

By Sandra Lawrence, Oct 26 2015 10:18PM

March 3rd

They may have lost their homes, their men and their stockings, but woe betide Mr Hitler if he took away their looks...My feature on Beauty as a Duty, cosmetics during WWII (and a new exhibition, Fashion on the Ration, starting Friday at the Imperial War Museum) is in the Telegraph today.

By Sandra Lawrence, Oct 26 2015 10:07PM

February 19th

Who could resist this ugly-duckling of a vegetable? Skirret was popular in Tudor times but fell out of favour because it was hard to prepare. In Saturday's Telegraph I argue it's time to readmit humble, skinny little skirret to our gardens and our hearts...

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